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Participating Physicians

Abdel Affany, MD Psychiatry
Alex Afshar, MD Family Medicine
Evin Albert, MD Anesthesiology
Gustavo Alday, MD Hospitalist
Marina Arena, MD, FAAP Pediatrics
Raul Arguello, MD Pediatric Endocrinology
Julia Auerbach, MD Family Medicine
Richard Auerbach, MD, FAAP Pediatrics
Guillermo J. Ballarino, MD Pulmonary & CC Medicine
Michael Baroody, MD Plastic Surgery
Sarah R. Baroody, MD Ophthalmology
Robert K. Bazuro, DO, FACEP, FAOEP Emergency Medicine
Edward M. Beck, MD, FACS Urology
William V. Begg III, MD, FACEP Emergency Medicine
Richard A. Berning, MD, FAAP, FACC Pediatric Cardiology
Barbara Blanco, MD Radiology
Kenneth Blau, MD, FACOG Gynecology
Nicholas J. Borrello, DDS, MAGD Dentistry
John Borruso, MD, FACS General Surgery
Marivic Dayrit Botta, MD, FAAP Pediatrics
Thomas Botta, MD Pulmonary & CC Medicine
J. James Bruno II, MD, FACS Urology
Lisa Burgess, MD Anesthesiology
Beth Buscher, MD Dermatology
Richard S. Casden, MD, FAAO Ophthalmology
Eric Chanko, MD Internal Medicine
David Charash, DO, CWS, FACEP, UHM Emergency & Hyperbaric Medicine
Bernard Cieniawa, DO Emergency Medicine
George A. Cohen, MD Gastroenterology
Deidre M. Condon, DMD Dentistry
Neil Culligan, MD Neurology
Armand Daccache, MD Ophthalmology
Teresa Daniele, MD Cardiology
Allen F. Davis, MD, FACP Internal Medicine
Robert T. Deveney, MD Orthopedic Surgery
Laura DeVita, MD, FACOG Obstetrics and Gynecology
John A. Dudley, DMD Dentistry
Gregory Dworkin, MD, FAAP Pediatric Pulmonology
Kimberly Eickhorst, MD Dermatology
Daniel G. Federman, MD, FACP Internal Medicine
Grace Federman, MD, FAAD Dermatology
Eugene D. Federman, MD Cardiothoracic Surgery
Paul Fitch, MD Family Medicine
Francis J. Forno, Jr, DO Family Medicine
Liana Fraenkel, MD, MPH Rheumatology
Scott Frieary, DO Anesthesiology
Daniel C. George, MD Orthopedic Surgery
Daniel Goldstein, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology
Robert B. Golenbock, MD, FAAP Pediatrics
Garrett B. Golisano, DDS Dentistry
Jonathan Greenfield, MD, ABPN Psychiatry
Charles Herrick, MD Psychiatry
Jennifer Holloway, MD Internal Medicine
Alexander E. Isgut, MD Family Medicine
Douglas M. Kahn, DO, FCCP, FAASM Pulmonary Disease
Elizabeth A. Kelly, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology
Paul F. Kelly, MD, FACC Cardiology
Eitan Kilchevsky, MD, MBA, FAAP Pediatrics, Newborn Medicine
Santha Kurien, MD Psychiatry
William P. LaBella, DDS General/Cosmetic Dentistry
Peter D. Licht, MD Internal Medicine
Ana Paula Machado, MD, FAAP Pediatrics
Stephen Maddox, MD, FAAP Pediatrics
Paul Mangiafico, MD Internal Medicine
Richard M. Margules, MD, FACS General & Vascular Surgery
Jo-Ann Maroto-Soltis, MD Hospitalist Medicine
Dana Martinez, PsyD Psychology
Patrick W. McGary, DMD Pediatric Dentistry
Michele L. McLeod, MD Ophthalmology
Jose Mendez, MD Pulmonary & CC Medicine
Jeffrey S. Metzger, MD Internal Medicine
Kenneth A. Miller, FACR Rheumatology
Mary Beth Miller, MD, FACOG Obstetrics and Gynecology
Kevin J. Mitchell, MD, FACOG Obstetrics and Gynecology
Andrea Leigh Moore, PhD Psychology
Lalaine Chua Mortera, MD, FAAP Pediatrics
Michelle Nisenbaum, MD Pain Management
William A. Notaro, MD, FAAD Dermatology
Laura Nowacki, MD, FAAP Pediatrics
David Oelberg, MD, FRCPC, FCCP Pulmonary, CC & Sleep Medicine
Jennifer Papa Kanaan, MD Pulmonary
Debra Ann Pollack, MD Neurology & Sleep Medicine
Elle Riazatti, DPM Podiatry
Joanna Rosen, PhD Clinical Psychology
Gary Schleiter, MD Infectious Disease
Della Schmid, M.S.,D.C Chiropractor
Joel S. Segalman, DPM, FACFAS, FACFAO Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
Steven Sieber, MD Pathology
Kerrilene Sinapi, DO Emergency & Internal Medicine
Scott Solomons, DDS Dentistry
Robert M. Soltis, MD Emergency Medicine
Corinna Balanon Soriano, MD, FAAP Pediatrics
Michael Spiegel, MD Rheumatology
James S. Tagliarini, DMD, FAGD Dentistry
Z. Michael Taweh, MD, FACP, CMD Internal Medicine
Craig Tenenbaum, MD, FACP, FACEP Emergency Medicine
Steven Tenenbaum, MD, FACS General Surgery
Ronald Tietjen, MD, FAAOS, FACS Orthopedic Surgery
Andrew Tucker, PhD Behavioral Medicine
Amy S. Weinrib, MD, FAAP Pediatrics
Adam Welber, MS, MD Radiology
Diane Wenick, MD Internal Medicine
Robert Wenick, MD Internal Medicine
Joseph Williams, MD Psychiatry
Martin Williams, MD Internal Medicine
Micheline Williams, MD Internal Medicine
Daniel E. Wollman, MD, PhD Geriatric Medicine
John Woodall, MD Psychiatry

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