United Physicians of Newtown

Remembering 12/14

Remembering 12/14

One Year Anniversary of 12/14

The United Physicians of Newtown want to make the upcoming one year anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy a day of remembrance for those we have lost.  We respectively request that this not be a day of advocacy but one of reflection.   We encourage you all to spend time with your family, friends and children remembering what is important in our lives.  Please join us in this day of reflection of what we have lost and remember what we all still have.    Please keep the 26 lives lost, their families and our community in your hearts and prayers.

We Are Sandy Hook

We Choose Love

Support for Newtown Action Alliance

9-Month Background Check Letter to Congress
We would like to continue to send a message to congress that we are not going away! Newtown Action Alliance is traveling to Washington, D.C. again (with other survivors and families of victims from across the nation) on September 17th and 18th to commemorate the 9-month anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy and to ask Congress to pass the background check legislation.
We would like to deliver letters to congress again! We hope to have more than 80 organizations with more than 10.5 million supporters sign these 9-month background check letter to Congress. The message would be that the GVP movement is growing. In April, we delivered a letter signed by 60 organizations representing 5.2 million supporters. We will also deliver an updated list of Americans killed by guns since Newtown. We need to continue to remind our lawmakers that there are too many gun deaths in their states.
Letter to the House of Representatives:
Dear Honorable ________ :
September 14, 2013 is the nine month anniversary of the Newtown shooting. We continue to mourn the senseless loss of innocent children and their educators on December 14, 2012. We also mourn the loss of ______ other Americans who have been killed with guns since December 14, 2012.
We are deeply disappointed that Congress has done nothing to close the dangerous loopholes in our nation’s gun laws to keep Americans safe from gun violence.
Numerous polls consistently demonstrate that ~90% of Americans support universal background checks. We are a coalition of families of victims, survivors, and gun violence prevention groups from across this great nation representing ____million members and we are imploring you to co-sponsor and support H.R.1565 – Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection Act of 2013.
It is time for Congress to do their job to keep all Americans safe from gun violence. We deserve and demand a vote!
Following is a link that to a good form that groups can fill out to sign on.
As a side note we have also launched a crowd funding initiative to help fund this trip and help us bring victims of gun violence from all around the country to DC with us to tell their stories to legislators.  If you could help share this via social media and email that would be a tremendous help for us so that we can get those who cannot afford to go on their own to DC so that they can have a voice.
Thank you
David Stowe
Vice Chair 
Newtown Action Alliance
PO Box 3325
Newtown, CT 06470

Support for Newtown Action Alliance

Dear Friends,
I am working with an grassroots group called the Newtown Action Alliance to make sure that the Sandy Hook tragedy results in changes that make our communities safer. As a part of this strategy, the NAA organizes trips to Washington DC every three months to meet with lawmakers and the media to keep the issue of gun violence in the forefront.
We would like to go with the NAA to DC on September 17th-18th for the 9 month anniversary of the shooting, and we would like to bring gun violence victims, survivors and family members from other part of the country, with us.
It will cost approx. $10,000 to send us and our colleagues from other communities to DC for this trip so that our voices can be heard, and so we make sure that they do not forget.
I have pledged to raise money to help pay our way and I am asking for your support. Even a small donation of $12.14 would be a helpful symbolic gesture. $26.00 would be even more symbolic and helpful. Really, any amount you can offer would be terrific and very much appreciated.
Thank you in advance for your support of this important cause.
PS. Here is a link to the NAA website for more info: www.newtownaction.org
Here is a link to a video from the last trip to DC in June for the six month anniversary: http://www.theday.com/article/20130614/MEDIA0101/130619786
Please donate here:
Po Murray
Vice Chairman, Newtown Action Alliance & The Newtown Foundation
PO Box 3325, Newtown CT 06490 | 203-491-0366

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